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Converting a Prezi into a quality video isn't easy. That's where we come in - our simple, easy-to-use service converts your Prezi presentation into a professional quality video.


Just send us your Prezi and let us take care of the rest. We'll make sure you're 100% satisfied with your final video.


We pride ourselves on quick communication and a speedy turnaround. Get your video within 48 hours of submitting your order.


All we do is convert Prezi presentations into video so be assured you'll get a top quality, professional video you'll love.

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How Our Service Works

Send Us Your Files

After submitting your order, send us your Prezi URL and audio file(s).

Let Us Know Your Requirements

Tell us about any special requirements - timing, music, voice-over, etc.

We Send You Your Video

We'll produce your video and make sure you're 100% satisfied.

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Examples Of Our Work

Prezi to video conversion with voice-over.

Prezi to video conversion with voice-over.

Prezi to video conversion with voice-over.

Prezi to video conversion with voice-over.

Prezi to video conversion with background music.

Prezi to video conversion with background music.

Prezi to video conversion with background music.

Prezi to video conversion with background music.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I convert a Prezi to video?

Converting a Prezi to video is a great way to use Prezi's unique way to tell a story and quickly and easily create a professional quality video. You will also be able to enhance your Prezi presentation with a voice-over or background music. Converting a Prezi to video will allow you to reach new audiences on video websites like YouTube and Vimeo and your Prezi video will not have any Prezi branding.

What types of Prezi presentations make good videos?

We see a wide variety of Prezi presentations converted into video. Everything from product tours to feature tours to website tours to presentations enhanced with voice-overs. The opportunity is really endless.

Does Prezi provide a video conversion service?

Today, Prezi does not provide a service that converts a Prezi into video. That is why we started ConvertPreziToVideo - to deliver an affordable, reliable service for those that would like to convert a Prezi to video, but don't have access to expensive software, powerful computers, or necessary video editing skills.


What is the delivery time from purchase to final Prezi video?

Typically we can complete your Prezi video within 24 hours. However, we ask you to plan on at least 48 hours. If you have a urgent deadline, we encourage you to let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

What quality, file format, resolution, and aspect ratio will be video be produced in?

Your video will be delivered in an full HD quality .mp4 file (or .wmv if specified) with resolution of 1920×1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. These video settings are optimal for video viewing on the web, uploading to websites like YouTube and Vimeo, and displaying on large monitors for presentations or in an office setting.

How will my final video be delivered?

We will email you a link to download your completed Prezi video.

Will my video have a watermark or any branding?

Absolutely not! Your final video will not have any watermarks or branding from either Prezi or ConvertPreziToVideo. Actually, one of the reasons to turn your Prezi into a video is to remove Prezi's branding on embedded presentations.

How do you get the timing on the slide transitions right?

Good question. Typically we use our best judgment on timing for slide transitions. If there is text on the slide, we will make sure that the viewer will have enough time to read the text. Having said that, if you have any specific instructions we are happy to accommodate your needs. Just let us know what you are thinking in terms of timing and we will make sure you’re satisfied with the end product.

Can the timing between slides vary or do I need to use Prezi's default intervals?

Your Prezi video does not have to be constrained to Prezi's default intervals for timing. We can adjust the timing between the slides however you wish. You can either leave it up to us to use our best judgment on timing or you can tell us the second marks to advance to the next slide.


Can I add audio to my Prezi video?

Yes. Just provide us the audio file along with your Prezi URL and we will include it in the production of your Prezi video.

What audio files are supported?

We support all major audio file formats including .wav, .mp3 and .wma.

I recorded a voice-over for my video, can you include it?

Absolutely. Include the audio file of your voice-over with your purchase and we will add it to your Prezi video.

I would like to include background music to my Prezi, can you do it?

Yes. Just send us the music file that you would like to include when you make your purchase and we’ll add it to your Prezi video.

Can I include both background music and a voice-over?

Absolutely. Just send us both the audio file for the background music and the audio file for the voice-over. We will combine the two music files in the final Prezi video.

We will have a voice-over that needs to be in sync with each slide, do you need multiple audio files or just one big audio file?

You can send it either as one big file that contains the full voice-over or you can send the voice-over in multiple audio files. We will work with you to accommodate your needs.


What does the $79 price include?

For $79 we take your Prezi and an audio file that you provide (audio is optional) and produce a professional quality video that you can then use for presentations, post to your website, or share on video websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

My Prezi is very long, is there an additional charge?

The $79 price is for videos under 15 minutes long, which is most videos that we do. If your video is longer than 15 minutes, there will be an additional $49 charge for each additional 15 minutes. For example, if your Prezi is 28 minutes long the total cost of the conversion to video will be $128 ($79 + $49).

Does the price include unlimited edits?

Good question. We spend a lot of time/effort upfront aligning ourselves with your requirements, goals, and vision of the final video in order to minimize the number of edits required. It is also our goal to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your final video. If your final video requires edits and we are at fault (quality issues, misunderstood requirements, etc), we are more than happy to deliver additional edits free of charge. However, if edits are required that are out of our control (customer decides to make edits to Prezi, wants different music, etc), we may have to charge an additional fee for our time.

What is the process after I submit my order?

After you submit your order we will contact you. We will ask that you provide your public Prezi URL as well as any audio you would like to include (music or voice-over). We will also ask you if you have any specific instructions for your video. After that, we will work closely with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with you final Prezi video.

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