How to remove Prezi logo from embedded Prezi

One thing that is extremely frustrating with Prezi is that you cannot remove Prezi’s branding when you embed a Prezi on your website. Prezi puts their logo in two different spots when you use their embed code: while the Prezi is loading and a small Prezi logo in the bottom left corner when the Prezi is playing. In this blog post I will outline two ways to remove the Prezi logo from embedded Prezi’s.

Way #1: Hacking the Prezi embed code

There is a relatively simple hack of the Prezi embed code that will remove the small logo in the bottom left corner of your Prezi. However, this hack will not remove the Prezi logo that appears when the Prezi is loading. In the code below, simply replace [prezi-code] with the code from the URL of your Prezi that should look something like this:

<iframe width=”550″ height=”400″ src=”[prezi-code]/view”frameborder=”1″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can then resize the embedded Prezi by changing the width and height settings. Note that even with this hack you will still need to upgrade your Prezi account to Prezi Pro to remove the logo in the bottom left corner.

Way #2: Turn your Prezi into a video

Typically anywhere you are going to embed a Prezi online, a video will work out just as well (or even better!) and turning your Prezi into a video isn’t very difficult. Simply use screen capture software like Camtasia Studio or ScreenFlow or use our Prezi to Video conversion service. By converting your Prezi to video instead of embedding it, you can cut off the initial Prezi logo when your Prezi is loading and the small logo can be removed by upgrading your account to Prezi Pro (note that Prezi offers a 30-day free trial or if you use our service we will automatically remove it as well). Other advantages to converting your Prezi to video (besides removing Prezi branding) include:

  • Usability – everyone knows how to play a video (some people struggle with Prezi)
  • Distribution – by posting your video to YouTube, you’re Prezi presentation will be seen by a lot more people