Prezi Video Case Study: Vero Beach Museum of Art

Every once in a while we get an interesting customer that has a cool use case for why they want to convert a Prezi into a video. In this case it was Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Vero Beach Museum of Art came to with a Prezi showcasing all of their upcoming art exhibitions. They wanted us to convert the Prezi into a video that could then be played on loop on monitors throughout the museum. After a little tweaking of the aspect ratios to get the video just right, here’s the feedback we received…

“As a new user to Prezi, the conversion to video was our biggest concern, but’s work and support really made this process seamless. The Prezi is working brilliantly – and has greatly helped us to promote our forthcoming exhibitions. We intend to use Prezi as much as possible, and moving forward we will use as all our presentations will take this format.”

– Sophie Wood, Vero Beach Museum of Art

We would post the video, but Vero Beach Museum of Art asked us not to in order to respect the copyright licenses of the artwork featured in the Prezi video.

What type of Prezi do you want to convert to video? What other interesting uses can you think of?