Top 5 Reasons to Turn a Prezi into Video

Pretty much everyone who comes to us already knows that they want to convert their Prezi into a video, but just don’t know how to do it. They “get it”. They see the value in making their Prezi a digital, shareable, video. But for those who don’t… why convert a Prezi to video?

Easy way to create a professional quality video

Let’s face it – Prezi is pretty slick. People love to watch Prezi presentations with their sleek graphics and smooth transitions, and these presentations come off very professional. So the obvious thing to do is capture this awesomeness in video to give you another medium to share and expand your reach.

Prezi presentations are not easily shared

How many Prezi’s have you seen posted to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube? Not many I’m guessing. Now think about how easily video is shared across these platforms. When shared through social media, video has the highest click-through rates and engagement times.

YouTube is the second largest search engine

Yup, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. So, you’ve created this awesome presentation – how do you let people find it? By converting it into a video! Convert your Prezi into a video, post it to YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, etc and watch the views start to tick up.

People prefer video

Some people – the less tech savvy of us – just don’t get the concept of how a Prezi presentation works. Click to advance the slides? Autoplay? Full screen? It is just too much. Others, they just prefer video – after all, who hasn’t used YouTube?

Add and sync audio

Want to add audio to your Prezi presentation? It is easy to do if you’re turning your Prezi into a video. Simply record your Prezi, record your audio, dump the two media files into a video editing software, and start editing! If you have a good quality microphone, you can create a very professional video without blowing the budget.

Remove Prezi Watermarks

Prezi puts their logo as a watermark on every presentation. If you’re a business, this isn’t ideal since you don’t want to let the world know your secrets – or that you made your professional looking video on the cheap. So, the answer? Make your Prezi a video and remove the logo watermark.