Why I Started Convert Prezi to Video

ConvertPrezitoVideo.com isn’t my full-time job, but it was started out of frustration at my full-time job. I’m the online marketing manager for a software start-up. One day we created this awesome Prezi that we wanted to share with the world, but we had several problems…

  1. Prezi put THEIR logo in OUR Prezi when it loaded and played – not ideal for my company’s brand
  2. If we just embedded the Prezi, we’d miss out on distribution on YouTube, Vimeo, and as a video on our own website
  3. Prezi didn’t have a way to export our Prezi into a video file – really?

So, this started the process of figuring out how to convert the Prezi into a video. After some research, it was clear that I’d need to use screen recording software to record my Prezi and then export it into a video file (MP4 or WMV). I downloaded Camtasia and got to work, but quickly ran into another series of problems…

  1. The Prezi logo was still in the lower corner of my video
  2. When running the screen recording software and my Prezi at the same time, my computer didn’t have the resources necessary. The result was a choppy, unprofessional video.
  3. The Prezi was blurry after producing the video
  4. I didn’t know how to sync background music and voice over audio with the Prezi transitions

One-by-one I solved these problems and after about 50 hours of research and trial and error as well as $500 in computer upgrades and software licenses, I was finally able to produce the perfect video from a Prezi. Sweet!

Naturally, I started offering my expertise and services to those also struggling with the conversion process and over time ConvertPrezitoVideo.com was born. I’ve tried to share everything I’ve learned on The Blog, but if you don’t have the time (or patience) to learn we’d be happy to assist in converting your Prezi into a high-quality, professional video.

– Andrew